This is my new blog. I used to blog here. I gradually stopped blogging because writing is hard, and I didn’t feel like my ideas were worth sharing. I’m re-starting blogging because doing hard things is how you get better, and because my wife and this other blog post convinced me that my ideas are probably more valuable than I gave them credit for.

This new blog doesn't have a title other than "Alex Strinka's Blog". The reason for that is it's not a standalone site, it's just a section of my website, which itself doesn't have a title other than "Alex Strinka". And that seems suiting, since this blog doesn't have a particular subject, other than whatever I happen to want to write about.

I’m changing platforms because, well, because I want to. It seems appropriate that my blog should be on my own personal website. And I’m using my own hand-written platform instead of WordPress or something because sometimes it’s good to reinvent the wheel. The downside, of course, is that it is much more primitive than those other alternatives. I’m still working on adding more features, if there are any features you’d particularly like to see make sure to leave a comment.

Speaking of comments, that’s also hand-written. There’s no user account or login or anything like that. There’s also no formatting. I intend to implement those features and other seventually. Again, if there are any features you want, write a comment or send me an email.