I've made a new game called Cosmic Clicker! The premise is that you're building a colony on an alien planet.

It's inspired by Cookie Clicker and other similar incremental games. It's relatively small and short compared to those other games. I have some ideas about features I can add, but those will have to wait.

There's not really an ending, at least not yet. It's just about making the numbers go up.

On a side note, the background images are AI generated. Most using NightCafe, a few with Bing. There's an ongoing debate at the moment about whether AI art is art and whether it's moral and whether it's plagiarism. That's a topic for another blog post. All I'll say here is that I have no qualms with using those tools.

Since those images are mostly covered up in the game itself, here they are so you can see them fully. Click on them to see the high-res versions.